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Kristina Mucker
she/her/hers, they/them/theirs
Program Coordinator
There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not lead single-issue lives. Our struggles are particular, but we are not alone. What we must do is commit ourselves to some future that can include each other and to work toward that future with the particular strengths of our individual identities. - Audre Lorde
Portland, Oregon


Kristina is a dedicated advocate for empowering Black women and femmes within digital spaces, fueled by her unwavering passion for social justice. Currently serving as a Program Coordinator at Resource Media, she bolsters the organization's communication and outreach endeavors. Kristina's journey began with AmeriCorps, where she championed educational equity in her local community, setting the stage for her ongoing commitment to dismantling systemic inequalities. Her acute understanding of the intersecting forces of oppression informs her work, as she strives to challenge policies that perpetuate harm against Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Rooted in her deep-seated belief in the power of community, Kristina endeavors to cultivate spaces where collective liberation thrives, viewing each individual as a potential steward of change.

With a steadfast dedication to uplifting marginalized voices, Kristina believes in the transformative potential of advocacy and allyship. Through her multifaceted roles, she channels her energy towards creating inclusive digital ecosystems where Black women and femmes are heard and celebrated. Drawing from her lived experiences and academic insights, Kristina confronts societal barriers head-on, fostering dialogue and action toward a more just and equitable world. Her work embodies a holistic approach to social change, recognizing the interconnectedness of personal and systemic transformation. As she continues to navigate the digital landscape with integrity and compassion, Kristina remains steadfast in her commitment to amplifying underrepresented narratives and advancing the cause of liberation for all.

Highlights & Background

Kristina, a native of West Louisville, Kentucky, now calls Portland, Oregon home. Graduating from Spalding University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and a minor in Psychology, she has dedicated herself to various forms of community service. From mentoring children to volunteering with organizations like the Kentucky Democratic Party, Best Buddies International, and Basic Rights Oregon, Kristina embodies a spirit of giving back. When she's not actively engaged in community work, she finds solace in her hobbies, indulging in the pages of captivating books, the thrill of horror movies, and the adventure of traveling to new destinations. Kristina's multifaceted pursuits reflect a commitment to both personal enrichment and societal betterment.