Our People

Kristina Mucker
she/her/hers, they/them/theirs
Program Coordinator
There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not lead single-issue lives. Our struggles are particular, but we are not alone. What we must do is commit ourselves to some future that can include each other and to work toward that future with the particular strengths of our individual identities. - Audre Lorde
Portland, Oregon


Kristina is passionate about uplifting and providing resources to Black women and femmes across the digital landscape. As a Program Coordinator, she supports Resource Media’s communication and outreach strategies. Kristina started her career by joining AmeriCorps after graduating college and advocated for educational equity in her hometown. From a young age, she understood the impact of systemic inequality and its contribution to policies that directly harm Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Community is one of her biggest values and she believes that we all have the capacity to be stewards of liberation.

Highlights & Background

Kristina was born and raised in West Louisville, Kentucky and resides in Portland, Oregon. She received her BA in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and a minor in Psychology at Spalding University. She has mentored children and volunteered at organizations such as Kentucky Democratic Party, Best Buddies International, and Basic Rights Oregon. In her free time, Kristina enjoys reading, horror movies, and traveling.