Multicultural Communications

Resource Media uses multicultural communications strategy and implementation to work in service of people of color and historically marginalized communities.

In this world, we see stark disparities—such as access to healthy food, safe water or clean energy–and we use multicultural communications to cater campaigns for, and on behalf of, the communities who experience the most disparities, helping to facilitate civic engagement, leadership development, and community-driven solutions.  

Funders, nonprofit organizations and government agencies can often communicate in a way that perpetuates the status quo but fails to engage and empower people who are working hard to improve their lives. We shift and reframe communications to reduce language barriers, accurately represent community voices, affirm local wisdom, and navigate cultural sensitivities to find messages, images and creative content that resonates.

We believe we work best when we execute communications with groups and partners based in communities where we have deep roots, first-hand, lived experience and local knowledge. Read our tipsheet for multicultural communications for more.

Below are case studies, blog posts and resources that highlight the breadth of our multicultural communications work. This includes work we have done for clients, as well as our Equity Impact Program.

Case Studies

Our Services

  • Multicultural community outreach strategy
  • Partnerships, networks and coalitions
  • Funding strategy
  • Transcreation and multicultural creative content
  • Community-based and in-language media outreach and social media engagement
  • Organizational capacity-building and training
  • Representative photo shoots and visual strategy
  • Online organizing and fundraising, calls to action and email marketing
  • Accessible public opinion research
  • Ethical storytelling strategies
  • Issue expertise in health equity, environmental justice, climate justice, affordable housing, criminal justice reform, indigenous land and water rights

Read this for a more complete description of trainings and offerings

Our Perspectives

Beyond Training: Equity work on a spectrum
Exposing disparities in California wildfire disaster relief with CAUSE
Flipping the script on change communications
Embedding equity and justice into our culture through community agreements
Sponsored content for good: It is possible!
Building power for social justice
Getting #ClimateWoke
Free immigrant families: Building a bail fund

Some Current and Previous Clients

Bullitt Foundation, supporting urban agriculture
California Endowment
California Environmental Justice Alliance
Communities for a Better Environment

Community Water Center
Front and Centered
Girl Ventures
InterIm CDA
Meyer Memorial Trust
North Carolina Environmental Justice Network
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
Pacoima Beautiful
The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond
Public Health – Seattle, King County
Restore Oakland
The Russell Family Foundation