About us

Distinct, Driven, Determined to Win

Resource Media is one of a kind: a nonprofit communications firm with a mission to drive social change. We seek out advocates fighting for access to health, equity, justice and sustainability, and bring our own set of communications principles to everything we do.

People need more than good intentions, cookie cutter plans and slick slogans to advance the causes we are all fighting for, that’s why our approach to communications focuses on:

  • Busting down silos between issues and weaving critical single issues into the broader fabric of social change advocacy;
  • Listening to and learning where audiences are in attitudes, emotions, barriers and willingness to act, so we can shape narratives that broaden the conversations driving change;
  • Using communications and networking tools to foster authentic, lasting relationships among and between key constituencies;
  • Shining a light on the connections between local and global challenges and opportunities; and
  • Harnessing the power of technology, innovation and ingenuity when and wherever we can.

We opened our doors in 1998 with a focus on conservation campaigns. As we built on early successes, we came to realize that conservation causes are stronger when considered as part of a broader tapestry of issues.

Today our staff is located in nine offices across the US and we provide expert communications services to nonprofits, foundations, research institutions, government agencies, businesses and campaigns working to make the world a better place. We bring a strong commitment to equity and inclusion to our workplace and our partnerships and believe they are the backbone that holds lasting change together.