Choosing the rights words and images

October 11, 2012

Climate communications is a tough job, but the team at Climate Access is making it easier by sharing tried and true techniques. We were very glad to share some of our lessons from the field in two recent posts:

Messages that move

On shooting polar bears: Communicating climate visually.

Whether you’re cooking up a tweet or an infographic, an email message or a glossy brochure, there are a couple basic principles that should guide your communications. First and foremost, you should always start where your audience is, both literally and figuratively. Focus your efforts on the channels they turn to for information. Then connect with them around shared values. How to do that? Here’s a very basic recipe:

  1. Localize and personalize
  2. Describe a real problem, but focus on the solution
  3. Leave them hopeful and empowered

Liz Banse will be blogging more about visual communications in the coming weeks, and we have lots of great messaging resources in our Toolbox, but encourage you to check out Climate Access for more valuable lessons from the field.

Nicole Lampe