Marriage equality’s visual vocabulary

March 27, 2013

Rapid, rampant & red.  It’s been great watching my Facebook feed over the last few days.  First the Human Rights Campaign logo began showing up as profile pix, everywhere, by all sorts of friends from many walks of life.  But the fun really kicked in when people started mashing up the HRC logo will ALL kinds of things, from history to television to art, movies, food and  so much more.  As someone who breathes this communications and branding stuff in all day, this is an awesome tale.

An organizational logo becomes synonymous with core American family values, and a spontaneous online movement interprets and expresses that value with a new visual vocabulary.  It has been eye candy and heart warming to see so many people proudly, insightfully, sarcastically, humorously, opportunistically and forcefully stand for marriage equality in this country.  Check out an Equality Rocks tumblr our staff cobbled together with some of our favorites (add your own, submissions welcome!), and here are HRC’s Facebook favorites.

Cheers to our friends at the Human Rights Campaign for all that they do for this country. MLK once famously stated,  “the moral arc of the universe is long, but bends towards justice.” Let’s hope our Supreme Court Justices grab hold of that arc and pull in the right direction.  If they don’t, well, we’re still on our way.

John Lamson

Image via Being Liberal on Facebook