Four favorite tools for nonprofits from the digital & creative lab

June 10, 2019

Our world is dominated by digital, with more tools to use and ways to connect popping up each day. From social media content to creative development for the web (and lots of things in between), we try out lots of tools designed to help do this work faster and better. Here are some favorites – each of them free to use! – from this year so far. easily removes the background from images with people in them. It’s fast, easy and will save you from ever having to wrestle your way through this in Photoshop again. It’s borderline magic.


LICEcap’s name might be a little odd, but its utility is really handy. It creates animated GIFs from a live action screen capture or video, making it super-easy to turn your favorite video clip into a meme-ready GIF. It’s desktop software, so you can work on or offline, and its flexible interface makes it easy to zoom in and capture any portion of your video.

Instagram continues to grow as a platform, and its use as a visual storytelling medium is really unparalleled. But it can be limiting to those, particularly in the advocacy world, who want users to click and take action as the end goal. creates a “tree” of links for Instagram shares, so users have 5-10 options when they click “link in bio.” And, tracks engagement and clicks, so you know which links are the most popular among your users.

In the age of remote work and distributed workforces, it seems like we all take meetings on the go from time to time – coffee shops, home offices, airports, etc. And each of those come with their own distracting background sounds and noises. Enter, a slick tool that learns to recognize and remove background noise from calls in real time, leaving only your voice. It integrates with a bunch of cloud meeting platforms like Zoom, and, while it’s for Mac users only, for now, they promise that it’s coming for Windows soon.

What productivity-boosting or creatively inspiring tools have you seen or used lately? Tell us in the comments or tweet them to us @RMedia!

Collin Dunn