Are you camera-ready? New tip sheets on how to ace your next interview

April 3, 2017

Congratulations, you’ve just gotten a call requesting an interview for an upcoming news story on an issue you are working on. Soon, the “world” will hear what you have to say about this!

Resource Media wants to help you hit it out of the park. We just published two tip sheets on how to ace your next interview, be it on the phone with a print or radio reporter, or on camera for the big screen.

Our first tip sheet is designed to help you do the ahead-of-time groundwork that will give you a leg up, including researching the reporter’s story history, the angles they have taken on past coverage of your topic, and more. We also include a three-point list of what to prepare in advance of any interview in any format. And a top tip if your interview will air on TV.

In our second tip sheet, we share the secrets of great interviewees. How do you control your message –  no matter how tough the question is –  when the reporter throws you a curve ball? (Hint: “That’s a good question. Let me frame my answer by saying first off…”) How do you transition back to your message if the reporter does indeed get you to go “off message”? How do you make yourself quotable?

Find these resources and more on everything from media relations to setting up photo libraries in our online Toolbox. Happy interviewing!

Liz Banse