Weaving Change, Together – Resource Media’s Collective Impact

June 9, 2022

​​Resource Media stands in solidarity with community advocates committed to social change, resistance, and justice. We are at our best when we’re amplifying your voices, and we work in partnership toward greater health, justice, equity, and sustainability for people and the planet. From public health, education, clean energy and more, you are a part of the communities and organizations leading social change and we are honored to help realize true impact. 

I am privileged to lead Resource Media’s team of dedicated and passionate communicators. Since joining in October 2020, I’ve been in awe when reflecting on how much we collectively worked on over recent years, and I’m even more optimistic about the years ahead and the change we will create together. 

Integrating our values into our actions

Through our equity journey, we’ve proudly become a BIPOC- and women-led organization committed to transforming our internal culture just as much as the work we do in the field. We’ve also reflected deeply on our equity and justice commitment and how we put it into practice. Such as:

  • Recognizing and naming who should be in the room and bringing in the diverse experiences of our team members to make our work stronger and more impactful;
  • Asking questions to align our actions with what our colleagues and partners actually need instead of what we think they need; 
  • Working with the BIPOC community on vital issues and self-funding that work through our Equity Impact Program
  • Listening to what our BIPOC and Queer team members need to feel included, respected, and heard; and to how we grow and diversify our team to bring smart, innovative minds to power up our work.

We are committed to supporting social norm change, power building, and amplifying the individuals, groups, and organizations dedicated to creating the change they want to see in the world. At the end of the day, we have to remember: it’s not just what we do , but how we do it and who we do it with that matters. 

As we have woven the threads to create a fabric of true change and impact, we are very proud to share with you the outcomes of those collective efforts. Our aspirations are to expand our partnerships and impact for a brighter, more equitable future.