Webinar: Visualizing Sustainable Cities

September 22, 2017

Here at Resource Media we know that a picture is worth a thousand words. So the imagery that we use to invite community feedback and involvement, for major planning and infrastructure decisions within our cities, is hugely important.

That was the idea that we proposed last year when we deployed our image-testing project in the Seattle region, called “Visualizing Sustainable Cities” or VizCities.

As the Puget Sound region continues to experience a building and economic boom, there are ripe opportunities and dire needs to integrate green infrastructure, encourage bicycling, and improve transit and public spaces to help ensure we are building this region in an equitable and sustainable way.

So we wanted to ask, are these images of green infrastructure and bicycling lifestyles inviting for all communities? What positive or negative associations might certain communities have with green infrastructure, and what are the biggest barriers to behaviors like bicycling, among specific groups? How can we ensure that the images portray a future that is inclusive, and not exclusive?

We partnered with the Bullitt Foundation, Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Environmental Council to answer those questions and now we’re ready to share our findings, the result of gathering feedback from over 1,000 local residents. Join us for a webinar on Oct. 12, 10-11:30 a.m. PST or watch below.

We will also be organizing separate webinars, delving deeper into each issue’s research findings. Please stay tuned for more presentation opportunities as they are scheduled.

Sian Wu