Using Vine and GIFs to tell visual stories fast

January 6, 2014

Time can be often be the big, bad enemy in communications. When speaking to an audience that is constantly busy and distracted, how do we effectively communicate our message in a short amount of time?

Vines and GIFs are powerful mediums of communicating in a short time span. They are brief and to the point, and allow us to “show” rather than “tell.” In a mere 2.5 seconds, the example below effectively illustrates how public transportation can reduce congestion, using 4 shots of the same street. The first shot shows the street filled with cars, the next shows all the people without the cars, the third shows all the people congregated together, and the final shot shows all the people in a streetcar. Take a look at the GIF below and judge for yourself whether or not this visual is able to speak louder than words.

–Serena Bernthal-Jones, 2013 Winter Intern