Our People

Jeff Cappella
Managing Director
Sometimes it’s the ‘crazy idea’ you’re hesitant to mention that is just what’s needed.
Denver, Colorado


Jeff focuses a lot on communications to hasten the transition to clean energy and efficiency. It can be wonky stuff, so he likes to work on ways to expand public involvement and proactive storytelling through visual and interactive approaches -- like our PicMyEnergyMix web app and online surveys. Visuals are key, so he's emphasized image-testing in outreach projects, and sharing learning and tips through resources like the What They See Matters guide in our Visual Story Lab. Trainings he's led recently range from public speaking to message development to campaign communications planning.

Highlights & Background

Jeff got his start in communications with the labor movement in the 1990s, working on organizing, issue advocacy, and corporate accountability campaigns. Before joining Resource Media, he spent two years living and teaching in Ecuador, a life highlight. A highlight from his Resource Media work he'll never forget? A couple years ago, seeing the ‘crazy idea’ of a 50-mile walk in the Nevada desert turned into reality by the Moapa Band of Paiutes, and into a transformative communications moment in their campaign against pollution from a coal-fired power plant. On Twitter, where he tends to tweet about energy, Jeff's profile reads: “Because my daughter asks if the world will be a good place to live or not when she's my age. And because I need ice for hockey.”