Our People

Ezra Manjarrez
Visual Content Designer
“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.” ― Mary Oliver
Seattle, Washington


Ezra uses their background in design and illustration to support the messaging and advocacy of non-profits and liberation-driven organizations. Their work focuses on social justice, equity, and access. Their interest in graphic design springs from a desire to peak viewer’s curiosities and share information in a visually pleasing, uncomplicated, and functional way.

Highlights & Background

Ezra is a first generation Latine with a family history of agricultural laboring. Led by a desire to fight back against the status quo and dismantle systems of oppression they have focused their work in support of liberation-driven organizations. They studied interdisciplinary visual arts at the University of Washington and used their skills in support of Latine and queer orgs, later supporting non-profits around the Seattle area. With over 5 years of creative experiences in different facets of social justice and equity, they bring with them a wealth of knowledge and resources to elevate and support Resource Media’s creative team.