Marketing messages about abortion and pregnancy care across the U.S.

June 3, 2024

Resource Media remains dedicated to supporting the Reproductive Justice movement

In 2023, we partnered with The Repro Legal Defense Fund (RLDF) to elevate their unique services and build brand awareness across the United States. Through our research and testing, we aimed to better understand their target audiences, break down barriers, and guide intended audiences through a journey using plain-spoken messages, relatable creative content, and geo-targeted digital ads. Our strategy also included placing digital ads on various out of home platforms – from billboards to bus stops – and collaborating with like-minded and influential digital creators.


Elevating and amplifying the RLDF brand and services

The Repro Legal Defense Fund sought support in elevating their brand and services, particularly for individuals facing criminalization due to abortion, miscarriage, and pregnancy loss. This effort was coupled with the need to ensure that the essence of their organization, their core values, shined through both the creative approach and messages.


The power of a multifaceted strategy

At Resource Media, we believe in the power of a multifaceted strategy. This campaign demanded not just creativity but also research, data analysis, human-centered design, testing, and continuous campaign monitoring. Our approach was straightforward. We casted a wide net for initial brand awareness while ensuring long-term searchability for RLDF. From the project’s inception, we conducted keyword research to understand user preferences and identify popular search terms related to their brand, services, and issue area. Our findings revealed that top searches leaned into the fundamental need for abortion as part of both abortion and pregnancy care. We tested themes in our ad copy and video scripts and built a creative concept that embraced this narrative and tapped into the common experience of in-the-moment online searches. This effort proved effective throughout our campaign phases and across platforms – even as we refreshed ad copy, scripts and visuals. In our last phase, we re-engaged our awareness audience with fresh content and introduced influential creators to re-expose our audiences through engaging videos and boost engagement with RLDF’s existing network of RJ supporters. Also key was ensuring people came into contact with our ads not just digitally but out-of-home, in common places such as billboards, airports, and bus stops.

Digital Bus Stop Ad in New York City
Screenshots of the animated campaign video ad on tablet and mobile.

In the end, we discovered that interactive, direct, and personable content proved most effective in conveying RLDF’s mission. With platforms like TikTok and Instagram, influencer videos with a personal touch outperformed more branded, curated content. Similarly, across channels including Reddit, Instagram, and web display – animated, interactive ads yielded the strongest results.

Social media influencers we partnered with on the RLDF Campaign

The campaign impact and strategic success

This campaign not only engaged RLDF’s current audiences but connected with people unfamiliar with their brand and newcomers to reproductive justice groups and organizations in general. Our strategy aimed to inform people most in need of their services and reach new audiences – beyond their base – for future engagements. And we did just that.

By the end of our collaboration, our results surpassed expectations. Across platforms, our digital ads performed well with above-average clicks and video engagements, indicating a strong interest in RLDF and the broader conversation around abortion and pregnancy care. A key finding was the effectiveness of specific language in our ad copy. Direct references to terms like “miscarriage” or “in legal trouble for abortion?” proved to be highly engaging across various ad platforms. This strategic language played a crucial role in effectively conveying RLDF’s message.

“We’ve seen an uptick in applications since we first started working together, and it’s super exciting to see the impact of all the wonderful work Resource Media did.”

– Rafa Kidvai, Director, RLDF

In the final phase of our campaign, we achieved over 65 million impressions and garnered more than 405,000 ad clicks. This success not only educated audiences about the Repro Legal Defense Fund but also exposed new audiences to RLDF and its mission. Our impact extended beyond the reproductive justice space, presenting a significant opportunity for RLDF to grow its base of advocates and supporters.

Poster illustrated by Rommy Torrico, informational palm card, informational one-pager.