Ready to spout off on the latest crazy policy proposal?

March 10, 2017

New tip sheet on how to write a slam-dunk op-ed or letter to the editor

Did you know that editorial and op-ed editors have an email listserv where they can ask colleagues from around the country if they had seen a particular letter to the editor or op-ed that appears to be cookie-cutter, AKA a campaign-generated one, rather than one of those true-blue originals from your neighbor Joan?

The media is having a full-blown revival this year. So are policy proposals many of us passionately oppose. It’s the perfect combination…for your next op-ed or letter to the editor!

How do you write an original masterpiece that doesn’t read like it was copied from talking points from an advocacy website and get rejected by your target media outlet who saw it circulating on that infamous secret listserv?

Resource Media has just posted two new tip sheets in the Toolbox section of our website to help you take your ideas, your personal stories, and your opinions and give them a broader audience through news outlets. We want you to bend the ear of those decision makers out there!

If you are ready to pour your heart and soul into an op-ed, follow the steps in this tip sheet.

And, if you’re style is short and sweet (or if that’s all the time you’ve got), we have a second tip sheet on writing letters to the editor.

May the publishing force be with you!

Liz Banse

Above image credit: Francois Schnell/Flickr/CC BY 2.0