American Public Health Association

Image testing to support a groundbreaking health study

United States

We’ve been very pleased with the work Resource Media has done for APHA. Their targeted Facebook outreach has been incredibly successful, and they’re always able to show us what works best, and why. Our funders and national partners have also been impressed, and have shared their results as an example of great successes. We’d happily work with Resource Media again, and I’d recommend them to colleagues and friends who want to make the most of their social media impact.
Lindsey Wahowiak, American Public Health Association
Director of Affiliate Affairs
The Situation

In hopes of speeding health research breakthroughs and improving medical care, the National Institutes of Health has launched a precision medicine study to build one of the largest health databases of its kind over the next 10 years. But first, they need to recruit a diverse group of participants. The American Public Health Association (APHA), one of the research partners, reached out to Resource Media for help.

Our Role

Resource Media partnered with APHA to develop image testing campaigns for social media designed to raise awareness and drive participation in the All of Us Research Program. Working across social media platforms, we designed multi-stage testing campaigns to find the images and messages that earned the highest engagement among a handful of communities who are typically underserved in health care and underrepresented in research. We tested dozens of combinations, allowing us to zero in on the best performing combinations for each audience, and then drive a large audience to the combinations most likely to earn engagement.

The Impact

Our findings have boosted our ability to reach the underserved audiences, and helped our partners more effectively recruit volunteers that will change the future of health. Our campaigns to date have raised awareness among over 1 million social media users and have resulted in many tens of thousands of visits to the All of Us website by the targeted audiences. Our iterative testing process resulted in high levels of engagement, and the learnings about the most effective images and messages can be applied by APHA elsewhere in their digital outreach efforts.