Alliance for Industrial Efficiency

To help elevate business and industrial voices we are helping to highlight manufacturers who’ve implemented efficiency measures, the most compelling advocates for expanding energy efficiency programs.

New York & Ohio

Not only are we saving money, but it helps increase our sales. A lot of people come to us because they see how much we’ve improved our energy efficiency. It helps our reputation.
Matt Culbertson, Crown Battery
Project/Energy engineer
The Situation

Despite their influence and credibility, there’s not nearly enough being done to engage business and industrial voices when it comes to advocating for energy efficiency programs. Developing a set of case studies to promote efficiency successes is an opportunity to leverage these leading voices as testimonials to other businesses and industrial manufacturers. Peer influence, in other words, is a powerful motivator. And because these investments are paying off, other businesses are ready to listen.

Our Role

We developed case studies from industrial manufacturers that show and tell how efficiency investments have been the ingredient to achieving a higher degree of profitability and quality. In their own words and photos, these businesses are proof positive to others that it pays to cut energy waste.

Businesses and industrial manufacturers on the energy efficiency bandwagon are reaping the rewards of saving money and increased competitiveness. But for those that are yet to come on board, the natural inertia of disrupting the status quo can be a powerful barrier. So we worked with the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency and Industrial Coordinating Committee to identify success stories for a set of case studies that show how strong the paybacks can actually be. We interviewed the businesses, produced layouts with visuals that capture the story, and quotes that chart the path to energy efficiency success.

The Impact

The case studies are part of a strategy to create more industrial efficiency champions among industrial manufacturers. Their testimonials are powerful motivators for others who are considering how efficiency investments can help to increase their competitive advantage.

For example, Crown Battery has saved almost $1.3 million over the past three years thanks to energy-saving measures and incentives through its utility.