Paving the Way for a Clean Energy Future: Convening Communicators on Coal

July 31, 2012

We all know that coal is a dirty business—it pollutes our air and water and poisons our bodies. Communities around the country are banding together to fight new coal plants and champion cleaner alternatives. But when the coal plant is already in a community, providing jobs and power, and sponsoring local little league teams, clean air and energy advocates better bring their A game.

On July 11, over 120 message, movement and policy experts gathered in Denver to hone that A game at the Communicating Coal Conference. Resource Media brought them together to conquer the complex challenges of the transition to clean energy, concentrating specifically on communication solutions.

Recognizing the urgency of the issue, tribal groups, environmental and clean air organizations, public health groups, foundations, and communication specialists, prioritized two full days for this event. Resource Media worked with Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign and other leaders to shape the agenda and conference experience to maximize sharing, learning, dialogue, and partnership.

What happens when you bring together a diverse group of leaders to focus on communications to drive the transition from coal to cleaner forms of energy?

A better understanding of public opinion and the media and policy landscape around coal.

A sharper sense of how tell the story of what’s at stake and what’s needed to move away from coal.

More collaboration between different groups and roles, so everyone can explain the economic, health and environmental reasons to move beyond coal—to their neighbors, to lawmakers, to reporters.

Exchange, cohesion, collaboration, strength, strategy, momentum…to build support for a faster path to a clean energy future.

Këri Bolding