Growing the Web of Change

July 31, 2012

From Rio+Social to, the internet has enabled a whole new kind of movement, where people power stands a real chance of overcoming the political and corporate establishment.

It’s an exciting time for the progressive community. But also terrifying. Every nonprofit we work with is stretched thin. Who has time to make the next Story of Stuff? (Actually, they did…it’s called the Story of Change and it rocks!)

It takes guts to make a splash in this brave new media world. And the kind of good ideas that only come when you bring a bunch of smart people together to trade stories from the trenches and dreams for the future.

Each Fall, 100 of the progressive movement’s best and brightest take a break from the daily grind of changing the world to talk about what’s needed to accelerate our progress and rack up the wins. It’s called Web of Change.

I attended last year, and rediscovered my passion for this work. Not the mechanics of communications, which I’m steeped in daily. Its emotional undercarriage. Facebook doesn’t bind a community together. Twitter doesn’t power revolutions. Passion is the thing.

Web of Change is a chance to rekindle that fire in the belly while talking shop with people on the cutting edge of social media for social good. Victories are celebrated, and failures dissected, all without ego. Creativity bubbles up along with the sheer joy of communing with people as earnest and committed and driven as you are.

This year, I’m honored to help share the passion and learning from this kick-ass community as Communications Anchor. I’ll be blogging throughout August and September at

by Nicole Lampe