The End of Roe

June 24, 2022

Today’s the day. And it’s a bad day, period. Let’s not try to spin it any other way.

We know the basics: conservative extremists focused doggedly on overturning the right to abortion for decades, creating and nurturing a wedge issue to pit communities against each other, pulling every dirty trick in the playbook, and today they succeeded in a major way. And they are not going to stop here.

The goal of our adversaries is to control fertility, sexuality, and ultimately, the bodily autonomy of all those they deem controllable by white, straight, cisgender, non-disabled, conservative men. They seek to enshrine a political regime of domination and control with echoes of fascism. And because the vast majority of Americans don’t agree with them, their only pathway is to shut down power and freedom for those of us who don’t endorse their extremism.

Sounds intense, right? Sounds almost absurd, like the recent SNL skit from the Middle Ages, right? Because it is.

But here’s the thing: we don’t give up. The fight is not over, because as Angela Davis said, freedom is a constant struggle. And we can find connection, power, and joy in that struggle.

Today’s Supreme Court decision shows it’s imperative to demand not just abortion access but to push for true reproductive justice — including contraceptives, birth options and quality pregnancy care, good jobs and wages to support our families, and more — for everyone. The solution is clear: we need to follow the leadership of women and nonbinary people of color who have decades of experience showing the world what truly liberating reproductive justice means.

We don’t give up. We won’t give up.

Let’s put our shoulders to the wheel, find common ground even where it may take some heavy lifting, and leverage all of our power, love, joy, and solidarity to ensure that abortion is available not just in “safe” states but in every state. Because there’s enough money, political will, technological savvy, and inspiring leadership at every level to make that true. As communicators, we know we play a unique role in this as a part of a larger ecosystem of change that must include base building, state and local policy advocacy, and long-term narrative change.

If you’re able to spring into action now, here are our suggestions of powerful reproductive justice organizations to support.

If you would like to contribute to an abortion access fund or independent clinic, or share your abortion story, visit:

If you are in need of access and self-management information about abortion or legal assistance, reach out to these groups:

And if you need communications support for your reproductive justice work, reach out to us at Resource Media.

Photo by Sarah Penney on Unsplash