COVID vaccines advertising: By, for and with communities

April 18, 2022

Learning to live with COVID: this seems to be the hopeful mantra that is emerging as the U.S. attempts life as usual. We believe it’s important to recognize the public health advances and efforts that have led us to this point: a massive effort to vaccinate the U.S. populations, including communities of color, who have historically experienced the most barriers to, and skepticism toward government and medical systems. 

In this webinar, we heard from experts from the Resource Media team, who have conceived and implemented COVID vaccine education campaigns specifically with the goal to achieve parity among communities with low vaccination rates. 

Webinar takeaways: 

  • A case for prioritizing partnerships with community groups and members, investing in equity and multicultural communications specialists 
  • How to leverage existing data to identify and characterize priority populations, and translating findings into communications and advertising messaging in an authentic way 
  • Multicultural communications best practices, tips to avoid pitfalls 
  • Examples on how to create a creative concept for easy adaptation and content scale-up opportunities 
  • Self-identification and social norming: creating a culture of “the vaccinated” 
  • Media buy design and implementation strategy to ensure equity, effectiveness and resource sharing among ethnic media outlets, social and digital media

Webinar hosts and speakers: 

  • Sian Wu, managing director at Resource Media Seattle and project manager for Public Health, Seattle & King County’s COVID public education and vaccine campaigns, and for the Center for Multicultural Health’s COVID vaccine campaign. 
  • Adam Hymans, managing director at Resource Media Philadelphia and project manager for Resolve Philly’s Equally Informed project.
  • Abigail Schachter, MPH, epidemiologist and communications specialist for Public Health, Seattle & King County.