We Three Kings

December 14, 2012

Yes, it’s one of my favorite Christmas carols, and here’s some good interpretations if that’s what you clicked through for: Miles Davis, Blondie, Patti Smith, The Amped, Paul Horn, Neil Diamond, and last but not least, Spinal Tap.

But alas, this post isn’t about Christmas.  It’s about different things that start with ‘C’, and they are all kings in our world of communications.  Content.  Context.  Community. The digital media landscape is full of awesome, endless pathways for creating content, for shaping and focusing the contexts where we share it, and for building communities around it.

Here at Resource Media, we have always helped our partners align their content strategies with the right tools, from the hard copy collateral of old to Scoop.its, pinboards, tweets, blogs and the rest of the dizzying digital array out there.  Visit our toolbox for some how-to resources on the fundamentals of blogging, social media, search engine optimization, Facebook and more.

These days, we are starting to generate and push more of our own content, with simple steps like this blog, and our Twitter handle @RMedia.   But we are also doing it through a variety of channels and platforms where we see a need, or opportunity, to leverage the power of story, data and community to drive home the conservation values at the heart of our mission.  Here are a few places where we put our own point of view into the public square:

Be a kingmaker.  Have some fun.  Generate good content and let it fly.