Our People

Heidi Anne Rogers
they/them/theirs & she/her/hers
Director of Strategic Content & Digital Intelligence, Energy Media
I’m a brutally soft woman. – nayyirah waheed
Nashville, Tennessee


Fueled by a love for language (both human and computer) and visual storytelling, Heidi Anne Rogers brings over 8 years of experience as a communications strategist, content producer, and digital artist. She is energized by dedication to racial justice built through a decade of experience in grassroots organizing. Throughout her career, Heidi has spearheaded each component of over sixty multi-channel digital campaigns, in which she employs effective digital media strategies aimed at producing institutional change on both a local and national scale. She has developed, managed, and optimized multi-channel advocacy and marketing campaigns and believes radical change and generative work should be community-based and community-led. She brings an incisively deadpan wit and strategic eye to all facets of her work. Alongside her professional experience, she holds a Master’s in Media and Public Engagement from University of Colorado-Boulder and a B.S. in Organizational Communication from Middle Tennessee State University.

Highlights & Background

Heidi has spent over a decade working for various non-profits honing in on the best strategies and tactics to develop and create compelling digital content. As an artist, activist, and digital strategist, she thrives in a creative setting where art and social change merge. Central to her work is the advocacy and empowerment of Asian American and Pacific Islander (API) communities. Heidi has brought her experience in advocacy and communications to issues as varied as mental health, LGBTQ+ rights, labor rights, economic justice, restorative practices, ocean conservation, reproductive health, and community-based fishing, amongst others. In her downtime, she practices baptiste hot yoga, enjoys eating, and spends time outside as much as possible. She is an avid reader and Smash Bros’ N64 champ.