Jessica Brand

August 1, 2012

Most Likely To: Have to repeat myself.

If I ruled the world: There would be no free re-fills.  

What I’m working on: Identifying the right person saying the right thing at the right time and getting their voice heard by the community they need to reach, primarily within the climate and energy spheres.

What I bring to the table: A combination of political and policy communications experience that helps our partners and clients navigate nuanced terrain.

Path to RM: A transatlantic trip starting as a staffer in the UK parliament, via a DC environmental NGO working on conservation policy communications and finally a political action fund, taking elected officials to task for trashing the environment.

Proudest win/favorite moment: Helping to turn New Mexico’s entire congressional delegation pro-conservation in 2008.

Other things I’m passionate about: Films, theater, sauces and human rights. Not necessarily in that order.

office: Washington, D.C.
email: jessica [at]
phone: 202.454.4620