We’re looking for a new Executive Director!

April 22, 2020

As many of you know, in October 2019, long-time Resource Media executive director Scott Miller stepped down, in part to open up space for more diverse leadership. Over the last several months, the Resource Media board and staff have been reflecting on our organization’s evolution and future to inform creation of a crisp job description for our next era of executive leadership. 

On behalf of Resource Media, I’m so pleased to announce that we are ready to rumble and now officially accepting applications for our new executive director. You can read more about the position here. We’re looking for someone with the skills, passion and a very big heart to lead a thriving, human-centered organization ready for the next phase of its evolution. 

Our new executive director will help us: 

  • Expand Resource Media’s work in an array of social change sectors–including social justice and public health–to deepen our impact. 
  • Refine our business model to more sustainably integrate our mission-driven non-profit structure and values with high-quality direct client-service work. 
  • Strengthen relationships inside and out to continue to put into action Resource Media’s commitment to racial and social justice. 

Resource Media is a nonprofit communications organization 100 percent dedicated to social change, and we are at a remarkable point in our evolution. Over the last decade, we’ve expanded our focus beyond environmental protection and land conservation to include a broad array of issues that affect people and the planet, including public health, social justice, reproductive rights, sustainable food and more. 

Over that time, a sustained focus on equity and inclusion has resulted in transformation of our organization inside and out. Distributed decision-making and a flatter hierarchy create leadership opportunities throughout the organization. Thanks to a more inclusive culture and equity-focused hiring, onboarding and staff development practices, our staff has gone from 90 percent white to majority people of color (POC) and our manager cohort is now majority POC. Through our Equity Impact Program, communications fellowships, equity and communications training offerings and more, we are bringing equity into more and more aspects of our work.

We seek a new executive director for the next stage of our evolution. Working closely with the deputy director and the board, in a distributed, equity-centered leadership structure, the ED will join a team of fun, dedicated and creative collaborators and help us expand our reach into new issue areas, strengthen our reputation in the nonprofit and public sectors, build new relationships, and open doors for new project opportunities. The ED will ensure we have the vision, strategy, model, resources, and relationships to expand and deliver powerful and relevant world-changing work.  

We need your help!

You–our partners, allies, friends and supporters–are an amazingly well-networked group of human beings. And chances are, one of you knows just the right person to join our team! Please help us spread the word by sharing our job announcement far and wide. And If you have suggestions for people we should consider, please reach out to Laura Donald at Axis Talent Partners, which is handling the search. 

Many thanks,

Amy Frykman

Interim Executive Director