Be your own meme machine

June 24, 2014

Ever wish you could have a photo editor in house? Someone who could whip up a meme, tweak a photo or put together a fancy graphic for your Facebook page? Or, just help turn a photo from “nice” to “fabulous!” That someone could easily be you! We’re sharing our favorite photo editing tool: PicMonkey.

Like most nonprofits, we don’t have a graphic designer on staff.  We did some research to find a tool that would help us best approximate one, and found that PicMonkey is a great and easy-to-use photo editing tool. It allows you to do most of the photo trickery of Photoshop, with a lot less fuss! And best of all, it’s cheap! All of the basic features are free.

There are a number of tutorials on the PicMonkey site that can walk your through all the effects and features beyond the basics we cover in our tip sheet, so be sure to experiment!


Krista Meyer