5 tools to help you navigate the new media landscape

February 17, 2014

The media landscape is changing at breakneck pace. Mobile internet use is on the rise (according to Pew’s latest research, 63% of adult cell phone owners currently using their phones to browse the internet), and apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine are skyrocketing in popularity. Since most of our partners are nonprofits with limited bandwidth, we are constantly poring over nonprofit technology blogs and listservs to figure out which tools and tactics are worth a pilot.

Fortunately, there are some great resources online to help us all make sense of the madness. Here are five guides I have found useful recently. A couple are from our own toolbox, which I’d encourage you to browse for more tips on topics ranging from messaging to blogger relations to search engine optimization.

  1. Five steps to infographic success. We developed this tipsheet based on our own experiences with infographic releases, and advice from great designers.
  2. Guide to social media contests.  Simply Measured breaks down the rules and tools for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter contests.
  3. Mobile video tips. Ready to try Vine or Instagram video to capture that awesome rally or volunteer event? We’ve got advice!
  4. Grassroots Campaign Report. Greenpeace Mobilisation Labs explores how petition sites are facilitating people-powered campaigns.
  5. Data-informed nonprofits. Nonprofit Technology Network teamed up with Microsoft to learn how nonprofits are using data to evaluate and inform their work (if you’re just getting started with social media measurement, we have a worksheet to help)

Have you come across awesome resources we should feature in a future issue? Drop me a line.

Nicole Lampe